Super7 Maturity Measurement

Super7 teams don’t start out being awesome – Super7 Operations is a growth model. Super7 teams can measure their progress with the use of the Super7 Operations Maturity Measurement, now available online (in Dutch).

Transition from traditional operations to Super7 Operations isn’t done with a press of a button. Teams need to grow into their new autonomy. Individuals need time to get used to not being managed that closely and taking responsibility. The small, highly effective teams within Super7 Operations need time learn how to plan their work, manage their workload during the day and evaluate their own performance. And, they need less and less management attention with each step along the way.

Maturity Model


Using our experience with hundreds of Super7 teams, we developed a description of the 5 levels of Super7 Maturity. For each of the 5 levels, we wrote down what output a Super7 team acting on that maturity level would deliver, and what behavior a typical Super7 at that level would show. A team can evaluate their maturity, by comparing their own output and behavior with each of the levels and selecting the level that describes their maturity the best.

The Super7 Operations Maturity Measurement tool is now available on for Dutch speaking registered users. Please register on Cooperationalexcellence using the link on the right of the page.


Menno R. van Dijk.