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My site about Super7 Operations – cooperational excellence in practice, is up and running. Who whould have thought? Not me. I was perfectly happy as a Operational Excellent consultant, helping clients, helping production teams, just doing what I enjoy doing, and getting paid for it.

Over the years, the type of projects that I was asked to do became more complex, and more complex solutions were needed for Operational Excellence. Starting with optimising production lines more than a decade ago, I was recently asked to redesign the way of work, the organisation and the way that the organisation is managed for a back office of over 400 people. And the results were good, so other people started asking me about my ideas: other back-offices within the Netherlands, friends that want to learn more on how these concepts can work for their own situation, even a request all the way from Turkey. At first, I just re-directed these questions to the manager of this back-office: I had my own next project to worry about. But they were persistent. Could I just organise one workshop, for one team? So I did, just one. Could I just attend one meeting, to explain what I had done?  So I did, just one more. But the requests didn’t stop. More and more people had heard from the success.

An then good friend of mine said to me: “Why don’t you write it all down? All your ideas, your results, tips & trickcs for implementation?” I’m not a writer, I aswered. “It doesn’t have to be a book, why don’t you set up a website?” That sounded difficult, I still wasn’t convinced. But my friend was persistant, and he showed me how to start a website.

So here you have it: my website. It’s not at all finished yet, there are many more ideas that I haven’t posted. But the reactions that I get are all very positive! Thank you all for your support!

My book on Super7 Operations is finished: Super7 Operations – The Next Step for Lean in Financial Services. Available on Amazon.com, or for European readers Amazon.co.uk, Amanzon.de  or Amazon.fr. Or Join the discussion on www.super7ops.com

About me:

My name is Menno van Dijk.
For the last 15 years, I have been working in the field of Lean & Operational Excellence. After learning the trade in a high-tech machine manufacturing environment, I have been working for more than 10 years as a Lean and Operational Excellence consultant. I am a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. For the last 5 years, I have been working mainly in Financial Services: Insurance and currently Retail Banking. Before that, my main focus was Production and Logistics (a.o. printing, printing inks, packaging, cardboard boxes, medical supplies, copper strip). Recently, I’ve introduced Super7 Operations in several back-offices of a large retail bank. I have writen a book on Super7 Operations, Published in december 2013. The book has it’s own website: www.super7ops.com

2 thoughts on “About me / About this site

  1. Rik van der Wardt

    Leuk verhaal! Zelf ben ik ook Black Belt, maar de afgelopen twee jaar vooral bezig met andere Agile methoden als Scrum en Kanban. Daar blog ik ook over. Wellicht vind je het leuk om eens wat verse content te plaatsen rondom deze thema’s. Als dat zo is, let me know.

  2. angie, je kent haar wel

    dit is idd een bevlogen verhaal en leuk om te lezen

    (wel nog even de spellingschecker gebruiken)

    xxxjes angie


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